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Inquisition and Other Stories


The Inquisition and Other Stories encompasses a highly diverse collection of thirteen short stories involving characters from many different walks of life both past and present.

In Catherine Lescault the great C17th painter, Nicholas Poussin, discovers the truth about the mad genius Frenhofer and his mistress, Catherine Lescault. Read more

In Table Talk the head waiter of an upscale restaurant tries to determine, with the help of his wife, the life stories of an enigmatic group of diners.

In Steve a shy young man who grew up in foster homes tries to develop a new identity and find a girlfriend.

In Belle Lettres a refined young lady corresponds with her friend about some indecent letters from a mysterious admirer.

In The Inquisition a famous playwright grabbles with cancer while he writes a play about a victim of the Stalinist terror.

Often employing meta-fictional and inter-textual devices, unreliable narrators, literary and artistic allusions these and the other stories in the collection explore the emotions and aspirations of their protagonists.


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